Freelance illustrator and graphic designer

Are you looking for an illustrator to illustrate your book? Or just would like to decorate your or your beloved ones wall with a custom family portrait?

Custom family portraits

Colorful and cute cartoon- and childrensbook-like family portraits.

Perfect and unique gift for birthday, anniversary, wedding or any celebration! 

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About me

Hi, I’m Krisztina Gallay-Nagy, freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Budapest, Hungary. I’m working as a graphic designer since 2016 and I’ve started my fulltime freelance carreer in 2019.

Feel free to contact me if you need an illustration artist any of your projects, such as children’s book illustration, illustrations for websites, or any other field. 

Besides I’m really happy to draw your family If you would like to surpire them with a colorful and heart-warming portrait.